Collection: I.E.S. Opal Glass Reflector Lamp Shades

I.E.S. opal glass reflector shades and CLM opal glass reflector shades were originally used on reflector-type floor lamps that were so popular in the mid-20th century. These floor lamps were often equipped with a single mogul-size (E-39) lamp socket mounted inside the opal reflector shade, and three candle-type medium (E-26) base sockets dispersed, equidistant, outside the reflector shade. A shallow drum-style fabric lamp shade was used on top of the opal glass reflector to help diffuse the abundance of light created by these 4 light sockets. These reflector-style floor lamps remain popular today because they can provide excellent reading and task light for a large room.

Also, our opal glass reflector shades are available with 2-1/4” and 2-7/8” fitters and may be used with pendant and floor lamp lighting.

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