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Need an answer? We are here to help. Below is a short list if Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our products and services. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please contact us. You may find more useful information in the How To section.

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I have a glass shade on my table lamp. Can I change from a glass shade to a fabric shade?

If you have a lamp with a #1 or a #2 or a #3 size brass collar, you can convert your lamp from fitting a glass shade to fitting a fabric shade using our adaptors. First remove your lamp’s burner by gently screwing the burner counterclockwise until it comes off the collar. Next measure the inside diameter of the collar. If it measures 7/8” inside diameter, you should have a #1 size collar. If it measures 1 3/ 16” inside diameter, you should have a #2 size collar. If it measures 1 ¾” inside diameter you should have a #3 size collar. All lamps with other size collar diameters cannot be converted to holding fabric shades by using adaptors. If you have a #1 size collar (7/8” inside diameter) see adapters #30343, 30344, and 30345. If you have a #2 size collar (1 3/16” inside diameter) or a #3 size collar (1 ¾” inside diameter) see adaptors #30346, 30347, and 30348. Our electrified adaptors come with a 9” length harp mounted for a fabric shade. They will screw into your lamp’s collar and allow you to mount a washer-fitter fabric shade onto the top of the harp.

Please see the information provided in “Frequently asked questions” for selecting a harp size (length) for your shade if you need a size other than 9” long. For a #3 collar, you will need to also order a #20001 - #3 to #2 reducer to screw into your lamp’s #3 collar and the adaptor’s #2 male collar.

What size fabric shade do you recommend for my lamp?

The simplest way to determine the correct shade size for your table lamp is to measure the lamp height from the bottom edge of the table lamp base to the top of the lamp stem (just below the socket cap). The shade you choose for your lamp should have a bottom diameter that is within 2”, plus or minus, the measured height of your lamp. For example if your lamp height (measured by the method noted above) is 14” tall, the shade you select (depending on your preference for a small, medium, or larger looking shade) should have a bottom diameter of 12”, 13” 14”, 15” or 16”. Our fabric shade descriptions will describe the Bottom diameter of each shade.

Please see the information provided in frequently asked questions (“What size (length) harp do you recommend for my fabric shade?”)

Should I use a Regular Weight or Heavy Duty weight harp on my lamp?

Most table lamps, which accept fabric shades are set up with industry-standard Regular Weight harps and Regular Weight harp bases. We recommend that you order Regular Weight harps for your lamps. If your lamp already has a harp base (metal piece mounted below the socket that looks like rabbit ears) and you want to change the length of your harp, then you can use a Regular Weight harp. A Regular Weight harp will fit either a Regular Weight harp base or a Heavy Duty harp base. When mounted on a Heavy Duty base, a Regular Weight harp may seem a little loose. You can use wire pliers to carefully crimp the U-shape ears of the harp base so that the harp fits more snuggly.

What size (length) harp do you recommend for my fabric shade?

Our fabric shade descriptions will describe the OVERALL HEIGHT and the FITTER RECESS of each shade. The basic formula for finding the correct harp size is as follows;

Overall Ht. - Fitter Recess = harp size (length)
(Harps come is size increments of ½”. If your math comes to a fraction less than ½”, then you should round down to nearest ½”)

For example; #05845 8” (overall ht.) - .25 (fitter recess)= 7.75 (harp size)
Rounded down to 7.50 or 7 ½” harp is correct for this shade.

What does UNO fitter and UNO Holder mean?

Occasionally fabric shades will have “UNO fitter” hardware that is designed to screw onto a standard lamp socket. Our fabric shade descriptions will specify UNO fitter if they have the UNO fitter hardware. The UNO fitter is located in the center of the metal tripod spider, which is located in the top of the shade. The shade’s UNO fitter has threads and is designed to screw onto a lamp’s socket (provided the socket has threads on the metal outer shell).

What does washer fitter mean?

Many fabric and paper shades have a washer fitter. The washer fitter is located in the center of the metal tripod spider, which is located in the top of the shade. The washer fitter is shaped like a washer and has a 7/16” diameter center hole. The washer allows the shade to mount onto the (¼-27 M) rod located on the top of a lamp’s harp. Usually a (¼-27 F) finial is added on top of the washer and screwed on to the harp’s (¼-27 M) rod to lock the shade down on the harp.

What is an IES shade?

An IES shade is made of white colored glass, is shaped like a cone, and comes in 3 sizes; 6”, 8”, and 10”. The sizes are measured at the top outside diameter. Most often, IES shades are used on some floor lamps.

To determine what size IES shade your floor lamp has for fitting to fabric shades, measure the top outside diameter. As mentioned, the top diameter will be either; 6”, 8”, or 10”. Then when selecting a fabric shade, look for footnotes in our fabric shade descriptions which state, “ Also fits 6” 8” or 10” shades”. The properly mounted fabric shade, with IES fitter, will set centered when placed on top of your IES shade.

To determine what size IES glass shade your floor lamp needs, measure the inside diameter of your floor lamp’s lamp socket cover known as an IES glass holder. It should measure either 2 ¼” inside diameter or 3” inside diameter. (These measurements are approximate). If it measures 2 ¼” inside diameter, your lamp can take either a 6” or an 8” diameter IES shade (our part number’s 08390 (6”) and 08391 (8”). If your holder measures 3” inside diameter, your lamp needs a 10” IES holder (our part number 08392).

How do I electrify an oil lamp?

We offer electrified burners and adaptors in the following sizes;
#1 size – for 7/8” inside diameter lamp collar opening
#2 size– for 1 3/16” inside diameter lamp collar opening
English Duplex size– for 1 ½” inside diameter lamp collar opening
Burners designed to fit Aladdin? Brand Lamps* – for lamps with 2 1/8”
inside diameter collar openings.
Central Draft size burners – for 2 3/8” inside diameter collar openings.

You may electrify your oil lamp if it has a threaded lamp collar with one of the above noted inside diameters. You will need to accurately measure the inside diameter of your lamp collar and then select a burner/adaptor from the above noted group. (Our descriptions for burners and adaptors will state the size of the burner/adaptor.) If your lamp has an oil burner on it, simply unscrew the oil burner counterclockwise until it comes off the lamp collar. (Important – TO PREVENT A SHOCK HAZARD - check to see if your lamp’s kerosene reservoir has any fuel remaining. If it does, pour the remaining fuel into a glass jar and properly dispose of the fuel. Then rinse and completely dry your lamp fount before mounting an electrified burner). Once you receive the burner/adaptor, simply screw it into your lamp’s collar in a clockwise direction.

If your lamp’s collar has an inside diameter different from the one’s noted above, you should consult with our dealer locator for a dealer in your area before trying to electrify. If your lamp collar has an inside diameter of 2 3/8” and has a tube running thru the center of the collar, you will need to consult with our dealer locator for a dealer in your area.

*The products identified in this advertisement are manufactured by B&P Lamp Supply, Inc. and are not licensed, inspected, or warranted by Aladdin Industries LLC. They should not be confused with ALADDIN® brand products or parts manufactured by Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co. of Clarksville, Tn. ALADDIN? is a registered trademark of Aladdin Industries, LLC.

What size burner do I need?

The following information should help you choose the correct kerosene and/ or electrified burner for your lamp. It is important to accurately measure the inside diameter of your lamp’s collar. The chart below should cover most American, Canadian and European collar sizes for Kerosene type lamps.
Once you have determined your collar opening, refer to the burner recommended. We offer replacement burners on all listed except for the
No. 0 Hornet and Rayo Burner and Aladdin? brand Kerosene burners.

Burner recommendedRequired CollarsLamp typeNo. 00 Nutmeg or Acornfits 5/8” collar openingsTrue MiniatureNo. 0 Hornetfits 7/8” collar openingsTrue MiniatureNo. 0 Eaglefits 7/8” collar openingsSmall Finger LampNo. 1 Gem arcticfits 7/8” collar openingsTrue MiniatureNo. 1 burnerfits 7/8” collar openingsSmall LampNo. 2 burnerfits 1 3/16” collar openingsEnglish Duplex Burnerfits 1 ½” collar openings#14 Kosmosfits 1 ½” collar openingsNo. 3 Burnerfits 1 ¾” collar openingsBurners designed to fitfits 2 1/8” collar openingsAladdin® brand lamps*Rayo Burnerfits 2 ¼” collar openingsCentral Draft Burnerfits 2 3/8” collar openings

Note: Most True Miniature Lamps have a maximum height of about 9” to the top of chimney. If your lamp is a little taller, it may be considered either a small Finger Lamp or a Small Lamp and will require a No. 0 Eagle or No. 1 burner.

How do you get a burner to fit into lamp bases?

First, check what size burner you will need for your lamp (please see “What size burner do I need.” in frequently asked questions). Once you have the correct size burner, the burner should simply screw clockwise into your lamp’s threaded collar. You should not have to force the burner to screw into the collar.Important: The burner should be screwed all the way down until all of the male burner threads have been screwed into the collar.If the burner does not fairly easily screw into your lamp’s collar, you may either have the wrong size burner or your collar’s female threads have been damaged. Re-measure the inside diameter opening of your collar to assure what size opening and what size burner you will need. If you still think the burner size is correct, then take a look at your collar’s threads. Do the threads appear dirty or gritty, if so clean them with a toothbrush and warm soapy water and again try threading the burner. If the burner still will not thread into the collar easily, then examine the collar threads again. They should be in good condition with no worn or torn threads. If you see thread damage, you may need to have your collar replaced. That would be a job for a qualified dealer. Please see dealer locator for a dealer in your area.

How tall does my chimney need to be?

To look well balanced and proportionate, we think a chimney should extend from about 3” to 4 ½” above the top the shade on a full sized lamp.

If your lamp sets on a table and has a burner or adaptor then it probably requires a lamp chimney. For choosing the correct chimney height for your lamp’s glass shade, the following chart should be helpful.

First measure your glass shade if you already have a shade. (If you are buying a shade, refer to the fitter or the diameter information given in the product’s description.)

4)For half shades (shades that are not ball shaped) measure the outside diameter of the shade’s bottom fitter. (measurements noted are close approximates)
3 ½” to 4” diameter shades are for miniature lamps – choose a chimney that fits your miniature burner
5 ¾” to 6” diameter shades, choose a 6 ½” or 7” height chimney
6 ¾” to 7” diameter shades, choose a 10” height chimney
9 ¾” to 10” diameter shades, choose a 12” height chimney
9 ¾” to 10” diameter shades designed to fit Aladdin brand lamps
choose a 12 ¾” to 13” height chimney

5)For Ball shades (shades that are ball shaped) measure the overall
height of the shade (measurements noted are close approximates)

Ball shade heightBall shade standardChoose chimney height7 ½” height =8” dia. ball shade12” height chimney8 ½” height =9” dia. ball shade12” height chimney9 ½” height =10” dia. ball shade12” or 13” height chimney10 ¼” height =10 ½” dia. ball shade13” or 14” height chimney11” height =11” dia. ball shade14” height chimney12” height =12” dia. ball shade14” height chimney

What is the best way to polish my brass lamp or fixture?

A brass or copper lamp may be cleaned and polished to a bright new finish. However, steel, iron and white metal lamps cannot be polished and must be plated or painted to improve their finish. We suggest you consult with our Dealer Locator for a dealer in your area before attempting to re-polish a lamp of possibly high value.

If you’re not sure that your lamp is brass, it would be best to first determine whether or not your lamp is made of solid brass material. The first test requires that you use a magnet. A magnet will not stick to brass and white metal (zinc) but will stick to iron and steel. Check all areas of your lamp including base, body, and crown. Some lamps are composite being made of iron base, brass body, and white metal crown. If the magnet does not stick to any areas then do a small scratch test by turning the lamp upside down and making a small scratch with a knife. You should now examine the scratched surface. Is the scratched area a white/silver color or a yellow/copper color? If it is a white/silver color, you may have a white metal lamp that cannot be polished (it may be painted or professionally plated). If it is a yellow/copper color it is probably made of brass or copper and may be polished.

Once you have ascertained that your lamp is brass then you may decide to either attempt polishing it yourself by hand, or hiring a professional restorer who has the proper equipment. If your lamp is small and simple in design with smooth surface, you could probably polish it yourself with pretty good results, but you would also have to re-wire the lamp. If your lamp or fixture is large and has embossed surfaces and many parts and crevices, you may want to hire a pro who has polishing equipment and know-how to get the job done right. An elaborate fixture can be very tedious and time consuming and difficult to polish by hand. Rewiring such a fixture is not recommended, except by a professional – please check our dealer locator.

For hand polishing a simple lamp or fixture, we suggest using Never Dull brand polish (our part No. 99051).

Is it OK to paint a lamp?

It really depends on a few things such as the material your lamp is made of, the estimated value of your lamp, and your own personal tastes. We suggest that you consult with our dealer locator for dealers in your area before deciding to repaint or refinish a lamp of possibly high value.

Do you offer custom painted lamp glass?

We do not offer this service. However, we do have a list of independent companies who offer custom glass decorations.Click here for Custom Lamp Glass Painting Services. As we cannot warrant the quality of their work, please ask them to provide you with personal references before assigning them with your project.

Do you offer appraisals for lamps or lamp parts?

Sorry, but we DO NOT offer any appraisal services for lamps or lamp parts.