Collection: Kerosene Table Lamps

60 years ago, we noticed a gap within the antique collecting community: lack of lighting supplies. Lamps and lanterns from all times and all eras whether electric, gas, or candle were created lovingly with many parts. Many serious antique collectors and fans found it difficult to find replacements for their family heirlooms or rare décor finds. That's where we started, 6 decades ago and we are proud to continue to fill the needs of antique lighting lovers from all over the world.

Kerosene table lamps have been a beloved addition to simpler, romantic times. The delight of the golden glow from a kerosene lamp's gorgeous glass that was almost crystalline in looks was perfect for family gatherings. There is so much passion expressed in the world of antique kerosene table lamps, that we are so proud to offer our own beautiful reproductions for you.

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