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Have you ever walked into a room and suddenly felt very calm? What made you feel that way? Was it the color scheme or the design? Did you notice the lighting in the room? Chances are if a room made you feel like you could sit down and take a nap, fabric lamp shades were part of the design.

When creating a theme for a space, most people forget about the lighting and what effect it can have on the room. Introducing texture in the form of modern or antique fabric lamp shades will automatically soften the light and make the area feel more peaceful and inviting. This is especially helpful with the boom of energy efficient, but brighter bulbs on the market today. No one wants to try to rock a baby to sleep with a bright light in the room. The choices for fabric lamp shades are so extensive that it would be hard not to find the perfect complement for your light. Many texture variations are available in silk, burlap, linen, poly-blends, faux leather, and tissue shantung. Other additional options include size, shape, prints, and fringe. With this range of choices, there is no reason you wouldn't find the right fit, even for antique fabric lamp shades.

Take a walk around your home and notice what each space makes you feel. If you feel anything but balanced and serene, it might be time to rethink the room design. It is okay to feel awake and energized in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, but spaces used for studying, family time, or sleeping, should be designed in such a way to encourage relaxation and winding down from a busy day. A simple place to start is with lighting fixtures.

Realize your dream lighting scheme with the help of our knowledgeable staff. We offer so many varieties of fabric lamp shades that we would be surprised if you couldn't find exactly what you were looking for. Whether the fixture is antique or modern, we have what you need to make your space seem more cozy and relaxing. Let our staff help you find the picture-perfect addition for your home.

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