Collection: Lamp Shade Mounting Adapters and Risers

There is nothing quite like having a beautiful antique lamp to light your room, providing great illumination while also looking classy and stylish all on its own. A great lamp is always a good addition to any space, but having the right hardware to include your lighting is sometimes a difficult task. Check out our selection of high-quality lamp shade mounting adapters and get the tools you need to match any fitter for your shades. We have all the parts you need crafted from the best materials, so you can rest assured that you are receiving great durability and reliability for your lamp.

Maybe you miscalculated the size of your fabric shades, maybe you accidentally ordered the wrong one. Either way, your flawless lamp of your dreams is now half-hidden, or its exquisite details, design, and embellishments are being hidden by the shade itself. Having a lamp shade that looks unbalanced can throw an entire room off the tiniest bit and buying another harp and waiting to use your gorgeous new—or old—lamp is just not an option for you. This is where lamp shade risers come in handy - we have beautifully made styles and finishes to choose from.

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