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Keep all of your antiques clean and in top condition with our selection of lamp shade accessories. We have several different products that will help you ensure that your lamps stay pristine every day so that they can shine beautifully and avoid being ruined by damage and dirt. From cleaning supplies to replacement parts, you can find everything you need here. Stop shopping around and get all the items you need for your restoration at one place with Antique Lamp Supply!

If you are in need of simple lamp shade accessories to help keep your parts clean, check out our cleaning cloth and spray cleaner. Two simple items that can make all the difference, they are easy to use and specifically designed to handle antiques and delicate materials. This cloth is extremely durable, able to be bleached and machine washed for reuse, meaning you will not need to keep spending money on a disposable cloth to keep your antiques looking great. It is designed to clean glass shades, chimneys, furniture, windows, and more, and will get the job done with ease. Our spray cleaner is formulated to work on delicate parts and will keep them clean with a simple spray-dry system. Get your cleaning done faster and ensure your antiques always look their best!

For replacement parts, we have a great variety of lamp shade accessories to get the job done. Find several sizes of glass reflector shades if you need to make a quick replacement and get the perfect match for your lamp. Getting the right fit will ensure everything fits together properly and works well, so take the time to measure your antique to ensure perfection. If you need to store parts or your entire lamp for transportation or later use, we provide the very same cellophane wrap that lamps are packaged in, designed specifically to keep them safe from dirt and dust. With these great products, keeping your antique looking its best every day will be easier than ever!

We can help you complete your next restoration and keep your antiques looking fantastic. Get all of the lamp shade accessories you need to make the task easier than ever, so you can spend less time cleaning and maintaining your parts and more time enjoying your beautiful lamp!

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