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  • Image of Antique lamp turned on.

    Antique Lighting Accessories

    The question crops up from time to time with new homeowners or those that are about to embark on restoring an old home: why antique lighting?

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  • Street lantern turn on at night.

    Gas vs. Oil vs. Electric Comparison

    Antique lighting and reproduction antique lighting are some of our greatest passions. We've been in this business for over 60 years and we adore everything about lamps and lighting.

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  • Image of chalkboard with a single light bulb

    Electrical Lamp Hardware Glossary

    Many devices and fittings must work together so that we may enjoy electric light in our homes. Get a head start in your search for hardware by referring to our electrical lamp hardware glossary.

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  • Close up image of Edison style lightbulb turned on.

    How to Replace Lamp Sockets

    Despite its technical nature, a socket is safe to replace as long as you have a general understanding of electrical equipment and tools.

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  • Image of red Kerosene lantern.

    Gas Lamp Hardware Glossary

    Throughout the last several centuries, we have found numerous ways to illuminate the spaces around us. Today, we use a wide variety of electrical light fixtures that allow us to study and work with ease.

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  • Image of bronze color oil lamp.

    Oil Lamp Hardware Glossary

    We compiled a comprehensive glossary to help you identify and understand the different hardware terms you may come across in your search. Refer to our oil lamp hardware glossary to learn more about the important components and fittings of a traditional light fixture.

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  • Image of antique Aladdin lamps

    History of Aladdin Lamps

    Despite redefining the mantle lamp design, the Aladdin brand also shaped the future of research and development across numerous industries. In this article, we explore the history of Aladdin lamps to discover how they were manufactured and marketed.

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  • Image of electric candle light with a fabric shade.

    How to Install Wall Fixtures

    Whether you are hoping to brighten a narrow hallway or a dark staircase, we can help you learn how to install wall fixtures like a professional. We took the liberty of creating a step-by-step guide to help you get started and complete your installation with care and confidence.

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  • Close up image of Edison style lightbulb turned on.

    How to Install Hanging Lamps

    Hanging lamps can be tedious to install, and poor installation can potentially result in electrical shock or fire. In this guide, we teach you how to install hanging lamps.

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  • Image of various types of lamps

    Types of Light Bulbs Used in Antique Lamps

    We all dread shopping for certain household items, but light bulbs shouldn't be one of them. When you purchase an antique lamp from an antique store, flea market, or estate sale, it may come fully intact or without any hardware at all.

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  • Image of antique lamp in old studio.

    How to Refurbish an Antique Lamp

    Like accessories and hemlines, lighting fixtures tend to go in and out of fashion. It can be difficult if not downright impossible to determine how lamp preferences change over time.

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  • Indoor image of various lightbulbs on display.

    Necessary Wattage for Antique Lamps

    Don't make the mistake of choosing any bulb for your antique lamp. In this guide, we explain and explore the necessary wattage for antique lamps, so you can find the best bulb for your heirloom.

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  • Close up image of light up Edison style light bulb.

    Edison Bulb Anatomy

    Electricity is one of the single-most important discoveries of all time, because it has unlocked the potential of what we can do after the sun goes down and when we are without natural light sources. Although the concept of electricity has been known since ancient times, we only began harnessing its power about 250 years ago.

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  • Image of chandelier hanging in house.

    How to Hang a Chandelier

    Nothing exudes elegance quite like a chandelier, but hanging them can be a painstaking process. However, you can hang a chandelier safely and quickly with the right tools and a basic understanding of electrical components.

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  • Image of chalkboard with a single light bulb

    Antique Light Bulb Brightness

    There's nothing quite like the charm of an antique lamp. Collectors and design enthusiasts are always looking for a good bargain on lamps at yard sales, estate sales, flea markets, and other venues.

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  • Close up image of single light bulb with power supply.

    How to Replace a Socket

    There is nothing worse than an old or faulty light socket that prevents you from illuminating a room. Luckily, replacing an old light socket is relatively inexpensive and simple to do on your own.

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  • Close up of a red and purple lamp shade.

    Lampshade Styles

    One of the most overlooked elements of any interior design process is the lampshade, because the right shade can make or break the look of an entire room. There are a wide variety of sizes, colors, materials, and levels of translucency to choose from.

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  • Image of a vintage Kerosene style lamp light up.

    How to Repair Lamp Oil Burners

    Whether due to antiquity or general misuse, the burner of an old oil lamp can become bad or broken over time. These classic sources of light have been used throughout the centuries and can even add a nostalgic touch to any modern room.

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  • Metal round shaped chandelier.

    How Do Metal Lampshades Work?

    Choosing a lamp style can be difficult enough, but a lot of consideration goes into choosing a lampshade as well. There are many types of lampshade materials to choose from, but some of the most exciting alternatives to fabric include a variety of metals that can withstand heat and everyday use.

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  • Indoor image of various lightbulbs on display.

    Lumens and Lighting Facts

    Consumers have always shopped for light bulbs by measuring wattage, but one of the biggest misconceptions made at the local home improvement store is that wattage directly correlates with light output. This simply isn't the case.

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  • Image of burnt light bulb.

    Determining the Necessary Wattages

    People usually spend most of their adult lives buying incandescent bulbs, because they can comfortably choose a light bulb based on wattage rating.

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  • Image of vintage chandeliers.

    Identifying 19th Century Lamps

    During the 19th century, the world was transformed by a succession of technological developments. The race to better and brighter lighting led to the development of new fuels, combustion methods, and much more.

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  • Image of antique books, type writer, and lamp with old wallpaper.

    Types of Antique Lamps

    Antique lamps p a broad spectrum of well-known manufacturers and widely used materials, but determining the value of a lamp you own can be difficult. With reproductions abound, it is important to examine the overall condition and look for certain indications.

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  • Image of old vintage oil lamps.

    Antique Lamp Maintenance

    Antique lamps are highly collectible, but most people value them for the exquisite quality one might only expect from a genuine antique. Oil lamps, desk lamps, and lamps of all kinds require regular care and maintenance.

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  • Image of lamp on living room side table.

    How to Rewire an Antique Lamp

    When you purchase a lamp at auction or an estate sale, there is always a fair chance the lamp’s wiring is defective or wired incorrectly. Faulty wiring can pose many risks, the severest being a house fire caused by a frayed cord. Luckily, rewiring an antique lamp is easy to do on your own. With just a few affordable

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  • Close up of a fabric lamp shade.

    How to Choose Between Fabric and Glass Lampshades

    Choosing a lampshade may be an easy decision for some, but the wrong lampshade can often curtail the aesthetics of an elegant lamp. Lampshades are like hats.

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  • Image of glass lamp shade.

    History of Kerosene Oil Lamps

    Oil lamps have been a primary source of lighting for centuries. Although they were generally inefficient and difficult to store, these lamps gave light to a formerly dark world.

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  • Image of bronze color oil lamp.

    Parts of Kerosene Oil Lamps

    Whether you are rebuilding an antique kerosene oil lamp or you need only a few replacement parts to restore your kerosene lamp to its former glory, Antique Lamp Supply is here to help.

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  • Close up image of fancy fabric lamp shade.

    Understanding Lampshade Styles

    There’s no better way to make an old lamp new again than with a bold or classic lampshade. Choosing a shade may be an easy decision for some people, but the wrong lampshade can change the aesthetic of an entire room.

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  • Image of unique lamp with lamp shade.

    Type of Oil Used in Oil Lamps

    Oil lamps p a broad spectrum of shapes, sizes, and styles, but all of them come with certain safety concerns. Oil lamps require a precise form of fuel to illuminate efficiently and safely.

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  • Image of a room full of antique lighting.

    How to Size and Hang a Chandelier

    A chandelier can certainly add ambiance to any space but knowing what to look for can be difficult. Luckily, Antique Lamp Supply has over 60 years of experience in the lighting business, and we offer the knowledge you need to find the perfect chandelier for your dining room, foyer, or living room.

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  • Close up of tiny chandelier crystal.

    Types of Crystal

    Crystal is a type of glass that refracts light rather than reflecting it. One can usually distinguish crystal from glass due to thickness, clarity, refraction, and sound.

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  • Image of lamp shade in living room.

    Selecting the Right Floor Lamp for Your Space

    Adequate lighting can revolutionize any space in a home. When it comes to redecorating, it can be difficult to decide among pendants, wall sconces, track lighting, chandeliers, floor lamps, or table lamps.

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  • Image of antique lamp in old studio.

    Lamp and Ballast Disposal

    Today’s lamps are highly efficient, because they use fluorescent lighting. Though physicists have attempted to perfect fluorescent lighting over the centuries, it wasn’t until the turn of the 20th century that the first mercury vapor lamp was invented by Peter Cooper Hewitt.

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  • Image of a living room with antique lighting.

    Matching Lamp Hardware

    Lamps and other light fixtures play an important role in how we decorate our homes. Over time, table lamps, sconces, and chandeliers can suffer from missing hardware, warped parts, or worn electrical components.

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  • Image of an antique lamp shade.

    Electrical Requirements for Antique Lamps

    Early electric lighting and gas fixtures can be charming accent pieces for traditional, transitional, or modern homes. However, antique lamps such as these are not designed to be used in new homes with new and improved electrical requirements.

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  • Close up image of Aladdin style oil lamps.

    Antique Lamp Brightness

    Despite the demand for LED lighting, collectors continue to search for antique lamps and light fixtures that show age and evidence of skilled craftsmanship. There are a wide variety of antique or vintage lamps to choose from.

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  • Image of antique Aladdin lamps

    Lamp Glossary

    Accent: Lighting that is used to accentuate or emphasize an object or objects, such as artwork, figurines, or photos. Alabaster: A fine-grained form of white or translucent crystalline gypsum that is used to make fixtures or figurines.

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  • Close image of antique style wall lamp.

    Updating an Old Lamp

    Lamps are some of the most versatile furnishings you can use to decorate a home, and you can find great bargains on light fixtures if you know where to look. Lamps are hot commodities at antique stores, auctions, estate sales, flea markets, garage sales, and yard sales.

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  • Image of a antique light in a dim room.

    How to Retrofit a Lamp Shade

    Antique, vintage, and secondhand light fixtures have their charms, but many people decide to retrofit their lamps to complement a contemporary design aesthetic. Retrofitting allows you to update the overall look of your lamp with a new and improved shade.

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  • Image of different types of lightbulbs.

    Lamps Through the Years

    Illumination has changed drastically within the last several centuries. Home life, travel, and work are no longer bound by candlelight or limited by darkness.

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  • Image of a red kerosene oil lamp.

    How to Replace a Kerosene Burner

    Replacing the burner of your kerosene lamp might seem intimidating, but Antique Lamp Supply is here to help.

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  • Image of antique style light bulbs.

    How to Identify Antique Lamps

    Do you have an antique or a vintage lamp that might be quite valuable? Old lamps aren't very hard to come by these days, especially with the surge of interest in antique shops.

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  • Image of antique style chandelier.

    Can Antique Oil Lamps be Converted to Electric?

    What's not to love about the subtle glow and charm of an antique lamp? Old lamps are enjoying a bit of a comeback recently, but oil and kerosene aren't for everyone.

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  • Image of different style antique lamps.

    Cast Iron vs. Ceramic Lamps

    Deciding between two lamp materials can be daunting, but Antique Lamp Supply is here to help.

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  • Image of an antique wall lamp in a dim room.

    Antique Lamp Cord Replacement

    Antique lamps have a distinctive charm but finding old-fashioned hardware to make them as good as new again can seem like an uphill battle.

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  • Image of light buls with the one in the center lit up.

    Antique Table Lamp Styles

    Antique shops, auctions, estate sales, garage sales, and flea markets are all great places to find antique lamps, but it can be tricky to know what to look for if you are new at collecting.

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  • Image of person hold a lit up light bulb.

    How to Clean Antique Lamps

    There's nothing quite like a good bargain on an antique lamp. Today, you can find old-fashioned lamps at auctions, estate sales, flea markets, and other places, but you can't always count on as-is condition.

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  • Close up image of lit up Edison style light bulbs.

    Antique Lamp Replacement Parts

    There's nothing more gratifying than getting a great deal on an antique light fixture, even if it needs a little fixing to get it back to its former glory.

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  • Image of lit up Edison style light bulb with cable.

    History of Edison Bulbs

    Lightbulbs have undergone tremendous change since the dawn of electricity. Old-fashioned light bulbs go by several names, but the Edison bulb is one that fascinates collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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  • Image of antique room decor.

    Antique Lamp Anatomy

    There is so much you can learn about the history of design just by looking at the lamp on your nearest table.

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  • Image of glass stained chandelier.

    How to Retrofit an Antique Lamp

    By adding an antique lamp to your home, you can breathe life back into any space. Vintage light lamps have a subtle way of reminding us where we've been and where we're going.

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  • Image of vintage style lamp shade.

    Light Fixtures and Countries

    Some of the most influential design movements throughout history can be traced through the most common decorations in our homes.

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  • Image of light bulb display.

    Adding Dimmers to Antique Lamps

    Although traditional light switches take care of off and on, there are devices you can buy to adjust the illumination of a table or floor lamp.

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  • Image of Edison style light bulb lit up.

    Adding Timers to Antique Lamps

    Lighting is more efficient today than it ever has been thanks to the development of lamp technology that allows you to reduce your energy consumption.

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  • Image of Edison style light bulb turned on.

    Adding Automatic Lights to Antique Lamps

    Automatic light is an undeniable benefit of the advancements in lighting technology. We can now make most of the light fixtures in our homes automatic with just a few tools, the right supplies, and a little patience.

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  • Image of a row of light bulbs.

    Insurance for Antique Lamps

    Vintage and antique lamps are similar to designer jewelry or expensive artwork. It takes time and consideration to decide whether your tastes lean toward table lamps, floor lamps, sconces, or other light fixtures.

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  • Image of highway street light.

    Antique Lamps for Park and Street Lighting

    Hyde Park in Central London is a top destination for tourists and locals alike. All along the curving sidewalks, visitors can find traditional gas lamps that appear to be stylized in the Victorian theme.

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  • Image of marquee style lighting

    Antique Lamps for Movie Sets

    There is a great degree of care that goes into constructing film sets. Designers go to great lengths to ensure that the sets they design feature authentic fixtures and furnishings that recreate the ambiance from different periods of time.

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  • Image of different types of antique lamps.

    Antique Lamp Sizes

    Sometimes, the size of a lamp can impact the entire design or look of a room. Finding the right scale of lamp can be just as difficult as choosing the right size lampshade.

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  • Image of small wall electric candle home light with small lamp shade.

    How Stained Glass Lampshades Are Made

    Louis Comfort Tiffany is, perhaps, one of the most celebrated artists of the Art Nouveau movement.

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