UNO Fitters for Glass, Metal and Fabric Shades

UNO Fitters for Glass, Metal, and Fabric Shades

An UNO fitter specifically refers to a threaded ring that connects directly on the shell of a socket. The socket shell must also have the UNO thread for the fitter to screw on. This application is very simple and versitle. It is mostly found on bridge arm floor lamps for fabric shades and pendant lamps for metal and glass shades. 

Socket with UNO Threaded Shell

Socket with UNO Shade Holder

UNO Fitter For Glass and Metal Shades

Glass and metal shades with a lipped fitter can use an UNO shade holder.

UNO Shade Holder

These shade holders come in different sizes and connect to the shade at the shade fitter. The most common size is 2 1/4 inch fitter for metal shades and fixture shades. 

Metal Shade with UNO Shade Holder

UNO Fitters for Fabric Lamp Shades

The UNO fitter on a fabric lamp shade sets in the middle of the shade and connects to the wire frame. Unlike a glass and metal shade holder, it is a perminant part of the shade and usually is conected in the manufacturing process. The UNO fitter is the same size and connects to the socket at the threaded shell. 

UNO Fitter on Fabric Shade

UNO Fitter on Fabric Lamp Shade

Antique Lamp Supply sells an UNO adapter for fabric shades. The washer fitter can be cut out and the UNO fitter put in its place. 

UNO Fitter Adapter

Some Sockets Have Rings And Are Not UNO

A lot of plastic and porcelain sockets have rings threaded around the socket but are not UNO threads. These types of rings are called captive rings and are used as a retainer for a shade or a harp saddle, but they do not qualify for an UNO shade holder or fitter. UNOs have a finer thread and are usually associated with a metal lamp socket.

Socket, Med. Base, has threaded shell with ring

Keyless Porcelain Socket With Metal Ring

Modern Style Socket With Captive Metal Ring