Gas / Electric Combination Lamp Part Index

The Gas/ Electric Combination Lamp became popular in the early 20th century when electricity was available but the service was not predictable. Home owners wanted fixtures with both electric bulbs and gas light for a better chance that one of them would have service and you could use the lamp. The gas shade pointed up and typically had a 4 inch fitter shade, the electric shades pointed down and typically had a 2 1/4 inch fitter. Even though the shade fitters were different sizes, the shades would all match in design. You may identify the lamp part you need by name and click on the part in the image for related products on Gas / Electric Combination Lamp Parts.

Once you have identified the lamp parts you need by name, use the search or visit our "How To" section for proper sizing.

Gas/Electric Combination Glossary Terms

  • Arm Back: A junction point that connects threaded rods or fixture arms. Can be decorative or plain. 
  • Break: A decorative way to add an accent to lamp construction. They come in a few different shapes, from ovals and circles to columns. 
  • Canopy: A type of ceiling fixture that allows for the mounting of a hanging lamp. There are many styles, and we sell kits that have all of the hardware needed to mount a hanging lamp. 
  • Cluster/Body: A junction point for tubing and fixture arms to meet and branch off of. A "cluster" has more than one point for fixture arms to branch off of. They are hollow to allow for wiring and are the center of the lamp. 
  • Electric Arm: Refers to a style of fixture arm, which is more modern, but can be ornate. They are hollow to allow for wiring, or a "wire way."
  • Finial: For decoration and to add a nice touch to a lamp. Finials screw onto exposed threading and come in many different styles. 
  • Fitter: The base diameter of a glass shade and shade holder. 
  • Gas Cock: Gas cock's are a decorative piece of brass. They connect two gas style arms together. 
  • Gas Style Arm: Refers to an ornate style of fixture arm. Gas style lamp arms are hollow, and are made to look old fashioned. 
  • Gas Shade: A type of shade that is glass, ornate and decorative. 
  • Gas Shade Holder: Old fasioned in style, they hold gas shades in place. 
  • Holder: A holder's purpose is to hold shades. Shade holders for hanging lamps have set screws so that the shade will not fall off. 
  • Light Bulb: Light bulbs come in many different shapes, sizes and styles, and are specific to the socket they screw into. They give off electrical light. 
  • Shade: Shades can be glass or fabric and is the ring that covers the light bulb and socket. Shades can dim light and give an aesthetic effect. 
  • Slip Ring: A type of ring that allows for two different sizes of tubing/threaded rod/pipe/fixture arm to connect. Slip rings can be decorative or plain. 
  • Pipe: Pipe is similar to tubing in the fact that it is hollow, but it serves a much more functional and important role. Pipe is the spine or stem of the lamp, supporting it and connecting all of it together. Pipe has threading on the inside or outside. Although not normally decorative, it can serve some visual appeal with different finishes.1/4IP is the size of the hole in the pipe. Pipe is also referred to as threaded rod. 
  • Tubing: For decoration, tubing is metal and hides threaded rod and wiring. It is the "stem" of the lamp.