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The Libray lamp is a traditional American lamp with a large dome shade, oil font, burner, and chimney. The whole lamp hangs from a ceiling and is connected by chains from the canopy to the frame. The frames were made from iron or brass. Fancier models had prisms around the banding of the shade and on the band half way up the chains. Original models were oil and kerosene lamps, but some have been converted to electric burners. The oil fonts could be made of glass or the same materials as the frame (iron or brass). You may identify the lamp part you need by name and click on the part in the image for related products on Library Lamp Parts.

Once you have identified the lamp parts you need by name, use the search or visit our "How To" section for proper sizing.

Library Lamp

Library Lamp Parts Terms

  • Arm/Frame: Decorative iron piece that supports the font (glass piece that holds oil). 
  • Burner: Burners can be either oil or electric. Burners originally controlled the wick and how much of it was burned at a time, resulting in more or less light in an oil lamp. They are often made of brass and are connected to the font and chimney. Burners come in a few different sizes. 
  • Canopy: A type of ceiling fixture that allows for the mounting of a hanging lamp. There are many styles, and we sell kits that have all of the hardware needed to mount a hanging lamp.
  • Chain: Durable metal chain that connects the lamp to the canopy and supports the lamp. Comes in many different styles. 
  • Chain Connector: Often decorative piece of brass that connects pieces of chain together. 
  • Chimney: Glass that sits on top of a burner on a lamp. Chimneys served as a protector from flame, shielded the flame from drafts, and angled smoke upwards in oil lamps. The glass is fragile and comes in different styles. 
  • Crown: A piece of brass used to line shades for decoration. Looks like a crown. 
  • Dome Shade: A type of domed glass shade that is used to dim light and/or add decoration. Dome shades come in a few different styles and colors. 
  • Finial: For decoration and to add a nice touch to a lamp. Finials screw onto exposed threading and come in many different styles. They are often put on the top or bottom of a lamp. 
  • Font: The glass piece that holds oil and serves as a base for some types of lamps. Fonts come in different styles and colors. 
  • Font Holder/Cup: A font holder is a piece of metal that holds the font in place and keeps it from falling. They usually have set screws to keep the font in place. 
  • Loops: Loops have many different uses, but can be used to attach a chain to a canopy. They come in different colors and styles. 
  • Prism: A decorative, specialty piece of glass that is faceted to reflect light. We sell many different shapes, styles and brands of prisms. Specialty pins are placed in the prisms to hang them from a prism band. They are often used in chandeliers.
  • Prism Band: A band similar to a crown that has holes drilled in it to hang prisms. 
  • Shade Band: A decorative band similar to a crown that has holes drilled in it to hang prisms. Attaches to the fitter (bottom diameter supporter) of the shade. 

Library Lamp Canopy Loop finial Finial Chain Connector Band Prisms Chimney Crown Shade Band Burner Arm Font Holder