Lomax Counter Balance Lamp Part Index

The Lomax Counter Balance lamp is a rustic traditional oil lamp with a large heavy iron frame. The glass shade is usually made from Opal milk glass and matches the font. Original versions of this lamp were oil or kerosene and can be electrified with minimal effort and change to the lamp structure. This type of lamp with the black iron frame is perfect for a rustic cabin or western motif. You may identify the lamp part you need by name and click on the part in the image for related products on Lomax Counter Balance Lamp Parts.

Once you have identified the lamp parts you need by name, visit our "How To" section for proper sizing.

Lomax Lamp

Lomax Style Counter Balance Lamp 

  • Arm/Frame (Yoke): Decorative iron piece that supports the font (glass piece that holds oil). 
  • Bowl: Iron piece that holds the font (glass container that holds oil and acts as a base). 
  • Burner: Burners can be either oil or electric. Burners originally controlled the wick and how much of it was burned, resulting in more or less light in an oil lamp. They are often made of brass and are connected to the font and chimney. Burners come in a few different sizes. 
  • Chimney: Glass that sits on top of a burner on a lamp. Chimneys served as a protector from flame, shielded the flame from drafts, and angled smoke upwards in oil lamps. The glass is fragile and comes in different styles. 
  • Collar: A brass piece that allows for a burner to be screwed onto a font. 
  • Crown: A piece of brass used to line shades for decoration. Looks like a crown. In Lomax style lamps, the crown, arm and shade holder were made out of iron and all one piece. 
  • Double Jack Chain: Double Jack chain is a style of brass chain commonly used in antique hanging lamps. Brass is a weak metal, so a steel cable is recommneded when hanging heavy lamps/chandeliers. 
  • Font: The glass piece that holds oil and serves as a base for some types of lamps. Fonts come in different styles and colors.  
  • Slant Shade: A type of glass shade, usually made out of opal glass (opaque milky white) that is heavily slanted in an almost triangle shape. Common with iron lamp accessories. 
  • Smoke Bell: Smoke Bells are a way to dress up antique lamps and have them look more true to their era. Smoke Bells used to catch soot in oil lamps and prevent a black ceiling. 

Lomax Lamp Bowl Font Arm Collar Burner Shade Holder Crown Chimney Smoke Bell Chain