Torchiere Lamp Part Index

The torchiere lamp has a great classic look and can make a bold statement in any room. Thanks to the mogul bulb, most torchiere lamps can give out 100, 200 and 300 watts of light. You may identify the lamp part you need by name and click on the part in the image for related products on Tochiere Lamp Parts.

Once you have identified the lamp parts you need by name, visit our "How To" section for proper sizing.


Torchiere Floor Lamp

Torchiere Type Floor Lamp:

  • Base: The base of a lamp is very important for floor and desk lamps - they hold the lamp up and can be weighted to add extra support. The base allows for the lamp to not fall over, and there are countless styles available. Bases for floor lamps are normally larger.
  • Column: Mostly decorative, columns add visual interest to a lamp, but they can also hide ugly lamp pipe. They add a bit of support to the base of the lamp and come in many different shapes and sizes. 
  • Mogul Socket: A Mogul socket is a large, E39 size of socket. 
  • Torchiere Shade:  A special type of flared, large shade specifically made for the torcheire type floor lamp. The shade points upwards. 
  • Torchiere Holder: Torchiere holders are specifically flared holders made to accomodate the large, unique shape of torchiere shades. 
  • Tubing: For decoration, tubing is metal and hides threaded rod (pipe) and wiring. Tubing usually has no threading. 
  • Pipe: Pipe is similar to tubing in the fact that it is hollow, but it serves a much more functional and important role. Pipe is the spine or stem of the lamp, supporting it and connecting all of it together. Pipe has threading on the inside or outside. Although not normally decorative, it can serve some visual appeal with different finishes.1/4IP is the size of the hole in the pipe. Pipe is also referred to as threaded rod. 

Torchiere Floor Lamp Base Column Pipe (interior) Tube Socket Holder Shade